Do you take your legs for granted?

Have you noticed those things below your hips… The faithful friends that take you places, allow you to dance and run … Yes! Your legs! How much attention do you pay to them?

A healthy, well functioning body has strong, well balanced legs. From them we get strength and stability.

Our legs can withstand high levels of demands, from walking and running to standing for long periods of time. Unlike the back or shoulders, the legs can be tired but still have the stamina to carry on.

Building and maintaining your legs in top state is key to avoid misfortunes such as:

  • Weak ankles and knees,
  • Falls
  • Hip weakness and pain
  • Tendon injuries.

Why do you want to have strong legs?

  • You’ll get to more places and live longer!
  • You’ll have a lower risk of injuries
  • Your stamina and endurance will be boosted
  • You’ll have a leaner and stronger body all round
  • It’ll also strengthen your abs!
  • Strong legs are sexy!

Try this yoga class with a focus on leg strength.

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