Expanding our awareness, the Alexander Technique

This weekend I went to an Alexander Technique (AT) training . This is a very interesting practice that aims at expanding our awareness, helping us to dislodge anything that we might have gotten stuck in our minds, bodies or spirits.

The AT is very subtle and it requires a lot of practice. The reason I am studying it is because I want to find new and better ways to practice my Yoga and to thrive in my life.

 This weekend, at AT, we were invited by Barry , the guest teacher from South Africa, to look at our ‘Ego’s footprint’, checking what impact it has on our selves and those around us.

Ego is responsible for a lot of things. In particular it is responsible for our sense of separateness from others. It is Ego who creates our differences; who constructs armours around us; who instils fear on us.

We need to understand that we are not Ego. We are beyond and above Ego because in our essence we are love.

I have noticed that, sometimes, fear stops me on my tracks. If I dig into this fear, I find that it always comes from Ego. I am not trying to obliterate Ego. We all need an Ego to survive. We must not look at our go with judgment.

However, when we can observe our Ego in a detached manner, we might find a different way to do things or to react to things.

Each time we acknowledge that there must be a better way, our mind can begin to intervene and shine a light upon the darkness the Ego creates to cause us fear.

When we recognize the Ego’s role in our unhappiness we invite love in to intervene. And this love is from within.

As Peter Nobes – the other Alexander Technique teacher said this weekend , we already have everything we need, we just need to learn to tap into it and maintain our attention in it.

This fascinating life is indeed a journey and we are responsible for our own happiness. Love makes us happy, fear terrifies us. Who wouldn’t want to choose love over fear!

Luckily for us there are a few ways we can do that! Continue with your Yoga, boost your meditation, expand your horizons through studies, through traveling, through meeting new people!

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