Yoga in Bromley, 2nd term starts February 25th

The Yoga class in Bromley, at the St Peter’s and St Paul’s Lounge Hall, has had a fantastic first term so far.

We are creating a community of Yogis and exploring different aspects of our minds and bodies every week.

The class at the Bromley Parish church is not at a gym or a yoga studio, so some things will work a little differently. The ambience is great, with quiet neighbours and a lovely warm room.

The second term runs for six weeks, starting on February 25th and it’s only £48 for the whole term.     

First Monday Class – 18:00-19:15 pm

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Second Monday Class – 19:30-20:45 pm

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Once you select all the dates of the term, you’ll get the £12 discunt automatically.

There are limited spaces for one-off bookings, but you can book ad-hock classes for £10 each.

Full Moon themed class

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