Find life/work balance doing Yoga at Work

Do you feel that with work and family life there is no time for fitness and wellbeing? When there is a will there is away!

Do some Yoga at your place of work!

Get together with your colleagues and I can help you organise it or ask your employer for it!

Having yoga at the work place you can take your lunch break to really listen to our body and mind and start a journey of balanced health and wellbeing.

What to expect?

The class will start with a short centring; a flow of standing postures; a bit of core work, some lovely stretches seated on the floor and a final relaxation.

We’ve even got some new Yoga mats available to anyone that does’t have one! (Do let me know if you are bringing your own mat)

Now that the date approaches, your mind might be listing thousand excuses to avoid the challenge. And yes, anything new can be daunting, but that’s what also makes it exciting!

Here are some facts:

  • You don’t need to be able to touch your toes to do yoga.
  • Yoga is not just for flexible or strong people, Yoga is for anyone. 
  • You don’t need special clothing for it. As long as you have some comfortable loose clothes, you are set.
  • If you want tone cosy, you can bring a mall blanket or a warm pair of socks and a jumper for relaxation at the end.
  • Yoga is practiced bare feet – you can keep your socks on as long as you don’t slide ;o)
  • Yoga increases:
    • lung capacity, 
    • helps with concentration, 
    • calms the mind, 
    • boosts your immune system and 
    • can help you burn excess calories! What’s not to like?!
  • You won’t have to commute or take a long walk to get to the class, Yoga is coming to you at your work place!

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