Things we discover!

It’s amazing the things one can discover when we do something that it’s different from the norm. Last night I invited my yoga community to meditate on the first evening of the new lockdown.

I wasn’t sure what time I should do it but I knew that my intention was to help everyone to go into a deep restful sleep. I didn’t want to occupy the free time of the evening and neither did I want to offer the meditation in the middle of dinner time. So I decided on 10 pm. 

And guess what I discovered?

  • Yogis are not Rock and Rollers! I had a few messages from people saying ‘I am usually in bed at 9 pm.’ ha ha!
  • Yogis wake up early and say thank you.
  • Many of you use sleep apps that have given you surprising results from last night.

There was 36 of us gathered last night across Zoom, Instagram and Facebook, to conquer the land of sleep and free our minds.[UNIQID](opens in a new tab)

I am so grateful! 

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry, the video and audio recording are available to you on Facebook and here:

Let me share some of the comments I had from the meditators last night:

“Morning, I had the best nights sleep for quite some time Thankyou x”

“Thank you for the lovely relaxing class yesterday ❤️”

“😍  I logged in too late for the live – it was great to hear your voice – I found it on Facebook but went out like a light as soon as I started it 🤣”

“Hi Geny, All I remember is you asking what can you hear  and then woke up 10 to 12 to take my headphones out and FB displaying this session has finished 🤣”

“Good morning Geny. Thank you so much for last night. It was lovely! Mrs Joyce was snoring happily before she got down to 1 from 17. It was really generous and brave of you to do that to a bunch of blank screens, so thank you very much.”

“Thank you so much for the yoga nidra! I went straight to sleep after and slept straight through which is unheard of at the moment ❤️🙌🏻 xx”

“Wonderful Geny I fell straight to sleep towards the end and just woke up! Thank you xx”

“Good morning Geny. Thank you so much for last night. I had the best nights sleep – a Fitbit score if 89 – which I think is my highest ever! Omg and I had the strangest dreams. It was great. 😘😊 “

“Gosh. You knocked me out”

“Thank you Geny. Really good and peaceful 😊”

“Thank you Geny. It was very nice and relaxing Yoga Indra”

“According to my sleep app, I was asleep after 15 mins!”

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