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Third Eye Chakra – or Anja Chakra

Purple or indigo blue in colour, the Ajna Chakra is the sixth of our chakra system and it is located between our eyebrows. While our two eyes see the material world, our sixth chakra sees beyond the physical. This vision includes clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition, dreaming, imagination, and visualisation. Ajna in Sanskrit means both “the perception centre” and “the command centre.”

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Lose your focus and fall over

Some of us have naturally better balance than others, but what ever our level is, balancing postures can help us reach deeper into our selves. The key point on balance is that you have to be totally present when doing it. No thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, or what will I have for dinner; you need to be focused. Even

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Chaturanga Dandasana

Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose) We encounter Chaturnaga Dandasana in our sun salutations and it provides us with the transition from plank into cobra or up dog. This Asana is tough on the wrists, shoulders and upper body strength. It also requires our abs to be strong. Taking shortcuts, is not the best way forward for this. Many people flop

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Balancing postures

Do you sometimes feel that the world is tipping to one side and you cannot find your balance? In yoga we practise balancing postures and balancing yoga exercises. These are essential to help out body and mind to be centred and feel in harmony. What’s great is that you can do standing balancing postures or breathing exercises at any point

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Find your inner Guru

Namsate dear Yogis, I hope you had a nice Easter break. Do you hgave a gratitude journal This week, I would like to propose to you to do a bit of writing yourselves. You might want to share it on Facebook or just keep it for you, but this is great exercise to focus. “Today I am grateful for…” We

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Second Chakra, Svadisthana or Pelvic Chakra

Welcome to the Yoga revolution! Let me tell you about the second Chakra, Svadisthana or Pelvic Chakra. As the sun rising this morning, Svadisthana is bright orange in colour and it is held in our sacrum. It is our water centre, home of the reproductive organs and our desires. When our consciousness moves freely through this area, we access our

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