Last stretch to Christmas!

Are you ready for the last push of this year? Preparing for Christmas. Finishing off the tasks need to be done. Helping your family…All this can be stressful! Come and join me on Mondays for a Yoga practise that will get you ready for the festive season. When: Mondays19:30pm- 20:45pmWhere:St Peter’s and St Paul’s ChurchFrom When:November 11th – December 16th, 2019 Book

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5 Senses Yoga Retreat Chez Zen, France

We forget we have 5 senses and are sensual beings. Some times it only takes a week away in the country side to re-connect and develop through the senses, until we found ourselves again. In October 2017 a group of lovely ladies shared six days retreat at Chez Zen, in the beautiful South of France for a life-changing experience to

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