Yoga and Ayurveda, week 2 Tridosha

The first session of the Yoga and Ayurveda course gave as an introduction to the five elements: Ether or Space; Air; Fire; Water and Earth. These five (pancha) are called the mahabhutas, or panchamahabhutas. Knowing the physical and energetic characteristics of each of the mahabhutas is key to understanding Ayurveda because these elements combine in infinite variety to create our

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Meditation and Mindfulness, week 2

On Monday November 7th, at the Meditation and Mindfulness course I will take you through a sensorial journey of awareness.   We will start with Pranayama – breathing control exercise and then we will do a mindfulness meditation.   Each week you will learn a different technique which will include: body preparation and positioning; Pranayama (breathing); one pointedness; utilisation of mantras;

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Community Class at the Dragonfly Yoga studio in #Brockley

Not to be missed, tomorrow September 21st #free community Yoga class at the Dragonfly Yoga studio in #Brockley Unit E Willow House, Dragonfly Place, #SE4 2FJ, United Kingdom.   I will be teaching the Community Class tomorrow Wednesday at 10:45am. The class is #free to book online and you can also just drop in! Donations are welcome. http://www.dragonfly-yoga.org/community-yoga/   This

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